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The following is a SPOOKY Halloween story!  It was written by 2 people.  One person's writing is in CAPS and the other person is in non-caps.   We were drinking Jack and Coke at the bar of a movie theatre, waiting to see Paranormal activity 2.  The movie wasn't that good, made me not want to have babies.  Anyway....  Enjoy.

The house was filled with worms. WORMS FILLED WITH THE REMAINS OF THEIR UNSUSPECTING HOUSE GUESTS.  A worm in my sock. Two worms in my shoe.  What to do with a worm on the brain driving me insane?  I STOPPED TO PULL A WORM OUT MY ASS WHILE RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRWELL AND TRIPPED.  THE WORMS WERE CHASING ME. GROWING MAY LITTLE FEET OUT OF THEIR BELLIES WITH TINY SHOES ON EACH FOOT.  And because this house was in South Philly, all worm feet turned to heroin needles.  AND I INSTANTLY BE CAME AN ADDICT MYSELF.  JUST LIKE ONE OF THOSE FREAKISH SHAPE SHIFTING WORMS--------->  HUNGRY FOR FLESH AND THIRSTY FOR DRUGS.  I started taking stupid angle photos of bums, but I was just taking pictures of myself over and over again.  BEFORE I COULD EVEN REALIZE IT, I WAS A WORM TOO, GROWING LITTLE LEGS WITH TINY CUSTOM FIT SHOES.  High heels with little fish tanks in the heel.  The worms swam free there.

THE END!!!!!